NO to War Maneuvers against the DPRK!

                          Stop War Games against the DPRK!

                          Miserable End of Anti-Popular Dictator

                          Immortal Feats of Peerless Great Person

                          Roaring Candlelight

                          Resign, Park Geun-hye!

                          No THAAD, Only Peace

                          Tiger Moths' Suicidal Acts

                          Songun Guarantees Peace and Prosperity

                          National Independence, Future of the Nation

                          Initiation of Songun Idea

                          Lodestar of National Reunification

                          Rabid Dogs' Insanity

                          People's Wrath

                          Revision of Textbook is for Hell








                     Victory of Candlelight (03/2017)

                     Inflaiming  Candlelight (01/2017)

                     Enraged Public Feeling seen through Photos (11/2016)

                     In protest against the introduction of piecework system ...(10/2016)

                     In protest against autopsy of the late Baek Nam-gi (10/2016)

                     Surging anger and Protest against THAAD (7/2016)

                     Public Protest against Deployment of THAAD (7/2016)

                     Stop war games disturbing peace on the Korean Peninsula! (3/2016)

                     Rejecting humiliating "agreement" on the issue of sexual ...(3/2016)

                     Against Retrogressive Revision of Labor Law (3/2016)

                     In opposition to projected deployment of THAAD (3/2016)