Chol Pass Tells


Chol Pass situated in an important place linking the north and the south of Kangwon Province in the DPRK is a rugged mountain that climbs 16 km upward and 16 km downward again and has uncountable bends.

One day in March in Juche 85 (1996) when the DPRK was undergoing the Arduous March unprecedented in its history, Chairman Kim Jong Il on his continuous, long march of Songun-based leadership for his beloved country and people arrived at the revolutionary site on Chol Pass.

The revolutionary site on Chol Pass is associated with the visit in May Juche 54 (1965) by President Kim Il Sung. The President stopped off on the top of Chol Pass and highly appreciated the heroic feats the Korean Peopleí»s Army soldiers and the local people had performed during the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950-July 1953). He also met a soldier on sentry duty on the pass, acquainted himself with the soldierí»s weapons and posed for a camera with him.

At the revolutionary site Chairman Kim Jong Il instructed that the education work through the revolutionary site should be further intensified. Before leaving the place, he met a soldier on duty on the pass to have a cordial talk with him and posed for a camera with him.

The photograph of the Chairman posing for a camera with a soldier on Chol Pass that appeared on the newspapers and TV screen immediately impressed the people throughout the country.

Among them were those at Kophung County in Jagang Province, who raised cheers seeing that the blessed soldier shouldering an automatic rifle and wearing an armband hailed from their country.

What impressed them more was the fact that the KPA soldier President Kim Il Sung had met three decades ago was also a native of Kophung County.

Such an amazing coincidence that the soldiers whom the great leaders had met at the same place hailed from the same county struck the people with wonder.

However, it was not by pure coincidence. It was a natural outcome of the painstaking and tireless efforts by Chairman Kim Jong Il who continuously inspected the frontline posts of the KPA, crossing the rugged Chol Pass several times in one year in order to defend the country and safeguard the peopleí»s well-being provided by President Kim Il Sung. The Chairman had thus crossed the pass eight times in 2005 alone.

Cherishing the boundless affection and self-sacrificing efforts of the great leaders the service personnel are reliably defending the outposts of the country.

April 9 this year marks the 25th anniversary of the election of Kim Jong Il as the Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK. On this occasion the Korean service personnel and people recollect the undying exploits the Chairman performed in frustrating the maneuvers of the US and its following forces to isolate and stifle the DPRK and laying a solid foundation for defending the sovereignty of the DPRK and ensuring eternal prosperity of the nation.