Due Consequence


Lee Myung-bak was detained on March 23 for unpopular rule and high-profile graft.

At the news of Lee¡¯s arrest, civic bodies and people shouted hurrah with joy in each other¡¯s arms and exclaimed ¡°Shame on you.¡±

   The "Commando for Seizing MB" and other organizations held news conferences near Lee¡¯s residence on March 23 at which they said Lee¡¯s deed is a grave crime which emasculated constitutional order as he sought self-interest by abusing the presidency, while strongly claiming his early detention.    

The ruling Democratic Party and opposition parties stressed that Lee himself invited his arrest and a stern punishment awaits Lee as all suspicions are evident.

He, during his term of presidency, took a bribe worth 11 billion won (11 million US$) and accepted 35 billion won (35 million US$) from a firm.

It is mindset of the south Korean people to mete out punishment of destruction to Lee Myung-bak.

Saying that Lee¡¯s arrest is due result, the south Korean people are waging a vigorous action to remove Lee and the Liberty Korea Party, a hotbed of crime, and achieve justice and democracy.