To Marshal Kim Jong Un, the sun of the nation and great leader of national reunification


The emotional year 2017, in which world-startling events took place in a many-sided and consecutive way and at the same time dignity and might of the DPRK are manifested throughout the world, was over and New Year Juche 107 (2018) has come, heralding greater victory and glory.   

On the auspicious day, the AINDF Central Committee offers the greatest glory and warmest greetings to you, the sun of the nation and lodestar of national reunification, reflecting the south Korean people¡¯s boundless reverence for you. 

2017 was the year of worldwide change and great victory during which dignity and inexhaustible national power and brave spirit were displayed on the highest level under the prominent leadership of you and the strategic position of the DPRK has been ranked among powers.   You put forward grand blueprint of the country in your New Year Address and created legendary events and heroic myth while leading the face-off with the U.S. and building of a socialist prosperous nation in the van under the banners of independence and the simultaneous development of military and economic sectors.

The DPRK conducted test of H-bomb to be loaded onto ICBM in the wake of ¡°March 18 revolution¡±, ¡°July 4 revolution¡± and miraculous victory of July 28. The accomplishment of historic cause of perfecting state nuclear force and rocket power was declared and ¡°great event of November¡± rocked the world.

Now the Korean nation and world describe that the test-fire of ICBM ¡°Hwasong-15¡± is a strong stamina of the DPRK and its orbit is an irresistible orbit of independence and its speed is like the wind towards the high eminence of a socialist power.  

The south Korean people, looking up to you who have the U.S. styling itself ¡°only superpower¡± under your thumb, feel sure that the DPRK¡¯s nuclear deterrence defends peace of this land and the end of America is a matter of time. 

Indeed, you, a defender of justice and the strongest man in the world, are the savior of the nation and peerless greatest hero to whom the Koreans in the north and the south entrust their future and destiny.

Thanks to your leadership at the beginning of the year, bags, quilt and footwear have been produced and a large livestock farming base has been built in Sepho known as the abandoned land. Modernized bases for the sake of people¡¯s livelihood and factories running with domestic material have been built one after another and hurrah of socialism and the WPK resound across the country.

The Ryomyong Street was built as the grand monument of people¡¯s love in the face of toughest sanctions of the imperialists and new types of trucks and tractors made with the self-reliance and self-development are running at full speed to build an economic power.

Mega events and news of victory in the DPRK teach the truth of history that the greatness of a nation depends on the greatness of a leader not by territory, population and economic index.

You called upon the Korean nation to open up a broad avenue to independent reunification through a concerted effort of the whole nation to wisely lead them to great advance for independent reunification last year which marked the 45th anniversary of the historic July 4 Joint Statement and the 10th anniversary of the October 4 Declaration.

Last year, the harshest-ever ¡°sanctions resolutions¡± and war maneuvers against the DPRK cooked up and conducted by the U.S. and its vassal forces ended up in fiasco.  The south Korean conservative force steeped in pro-U.S. sycophancy and inter-Korean confrontation was punished by history. It is a powerful manifestation of the justness of independent reunification idea and line of the DPRK and its truthfulness and vitality.

Your long devoted journey and precious exploits that made 2017 the year of great victory in the showdown with the U.S., in building of a socialist thriving nation and in accomplishing the cause of national reunification with your outstanding idea, iron-willed faith and rare leadership ability will go down generation after generation.    

On the New Year, the AINDF vanguard fighters and south Korean people are full of determination to devote themselves to the cause of national reunification under the leadership of you, a great man with few parallels in history and peerless patriot.

We will strengthen the AINDF as the ranks of loyalty and Juche-oriented vanguard organization upholding the preceding leaders for ages and following you only despite whatever storm and stress. We will strive for victory of revolutionary in south Korea and the cause of national independence under the banner of Kimilsingism-Kimjongilism.

We will implant people¡¯s mind with venerable image of you, who steer the world with independence and embrace the nation with broadmindedness and turn south Korea full of reverence for you.    

We will glorify the imperishable achievements made by the preceding leaders and wage an unremitting drive to carry out sacred cause of independent reunification under the leadership of you.

With a firm faith and optimism that the DPRK's nuclear sword will safeguard the destiny of the south Koreans not a worn-out nuclear umbrella of the U.S., we will intensify the action to withdraw the U.S. from south Korea and make a vigorous campaign for peace against the US and war to foil the moves of the pro-U.S. war-thirsty elements to provoke a war against north Korea.  

We will ostracize anti-reunification elements and work hard to make a new politics, a new system and a new society desired by the people.  

Your good health is a sure guarantee for national reunification and accomplishment of the cause of national independence and ardent wish of the south Korean vanguard fighters and people of various strata.

The AINDF Central Committee, for the eternal prosperity and happiness of posterity to come, independent and peaceful reunification and rosy future of a reunified power, sincerely wishes Kim Jong Un, the sun of the nation and great leader of the national reunification, good health.   


AINDF Central Committee

January 1, Juche 107 (2018)