No war drill against north Korea!


Actions have been fiercely staged across south Korea in protest against the largest-ever joint aerial drill targeting north Korea kicked off by the U.S. and south Korean warmongers from Dec. 4 to 8.

The People¡¯s Action for Peace against War held a rally against the U.S. military involvement in the Korean Peninsula in front of the U.S. embassy in Seoul on Dec. 4.

The secretary of the Solidarity for People's Sovereignty said that the U.S. is a provoker of war on the Korean Peninsula and called for standing against the U.S. and warlike forces.

The chairman of the Seoul municipal party of the People¡¯s Party noted that the People¡¯s Party urges Trump to stop war exercises and start negotiation. He urged Moon Jae-in to give up hostile policy toward north Korea such as formation of the special unit and stop military rehearsals.  

On the same day, the People for Achieving Peace and Reunification called a news conference outside the U.S. embassy in Seoul to demand halt to war drill against north Korea.

On Dec. 4 and 6, civic organizations in Gwangju and the North Chungcheong provincial struggle headquarters against Trump held a press conference to demand halt to the U.S.-south Korea joint aerial drill targeting north Korea and dismantlement of a special task brigade.

They said that the special task brigade aimed at removing the supreme leadership of north Korea was formed at the time when the situation of the Korean Peninsula is inching close to the point of war.

They pointed out that the belligerent and aggressive special unit should be dismantled.

They issued a press release under the title of ¡°Dismantle the special unit and stop the joint aerial drill without delay.¡±

They chanted slogans such as ¡°Stop immediately the joint aerial drill inviting a nuclear war!¡±, ¡°U.S. army, leave south Korea with THAAD!¡±, ¡°U.S. troops, the source of war, leave this land!¡± and ¡°Disassemble the special unit escalating the danger of war!¡±.