Adventurous War Confab


Of late, the 49th annual security consultative meeting was held in Seoul in the presence of U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis and south Korean Defense Minister Song Yong-moo.

They discussed the operation of THAAD deployed in south Korea, the escalation of the rotation deployment of U.S. strategic assets in the Korean Peninsula, the cooperation in the revision of missile guidelines and the transfer of the wartime operation control, etc.

They had a discussion on such issues as sharing information on "missile threats from north Korea", and intensifying joint military exercises like the U.S. nuclear carrier task force drill, ballistic missile warning drill and agreed to further mutual cooperation.

Earlier, at the 42nd military committee meeting the chairmen of U.S. and south Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff discussed the proposal for a joint operation to cope with "nuclear and missile threats from the north" and the proposal for the renewal of "OPLAN 5015".

Discussed at the 49th annual security consultative meeting and 42nd military committee meeting were high-profile military pressure and perfection of attack on the north.

It is a clear revelation of preemptive strike at the DPRK that they intended to escalate the rotational deployment of U.S. strategic assets in the Korean Peninsula and renew ¡°OPLAN 5015¡±.

In view of goal, means and ways pursued by ¡°OPLAN 5015¡±, it is very provocative war scenario against the DPRK. It contains ¡°decapitation operation¡± of the DPRK leadership, special warfare for destroying points of strategic importance of the DPRK and surprise amphibious operation.

What should not be overlooked is that the confabs were held at a time when the U.S. is straining the tension to the maximum by introducing three nuclear carrier strike groups and nuclear strategic assets into waters off the Korean Peninsula and around it and renewing ¡°OPLAN 5015¡±.

The prevailing situation proves that the annual security consultative meeting and military committee meeting were held with a view to carry out military option of Trump under the cloak of ¡°nuke and missile threat of the DPRK¡±.

The U.S. and south Korean warmongers should act with discretion, mindful that their reckless war provocation moves against the DPRK will lead to their own final doom.