Stirring Songs of Great Eras


Song of Chollima Pioneers


Song of Chollima Pioneers is a reflection of the vigorous reality of the Chollima era. It reminds you of the historic era when the entire nation performed heroic feats and produced great creations under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung.

In December 1956 Kim Il Sung inspected the then Kangson Steel Works, when he earnestly told the workers that if they produced 10 000 tons of extra steel the following year it would relieve the nation of the great economic difficulty. He called upon them to stoke up the flames of collective innovation campaign true to the decision of the December 1956 Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea and use them to encourage all other working people of the country to make an upsurge in socialist construction.

Inspired strongly by the trust of the leader, the Kangson workers wrought a miracle the following year of producing 120 000 tons of steel billets from the blooming mill whose annual rated capacity was believed to be 60 000 tons. 

Kim Il Sung initiated the Chollima workteam movement at the steel works where the Chollima movement started. The Chollima workteam movement rapidly swept through all factories and enterprises.  

Addressing the National Meeting of Vanguards of the Chollima Workteam Movement in August 1960, Kim Il Sung instructed that the movement should be expanded from the scale of Chollima workteam to that of Chollima workshop and then to Chollima factory and launched on a wider scale not only in industry but in all fields of the economy and culture.

Thanks to his wise guidance the Chollima workteam movement expanded and developed into a grand all-people forward movement. His energetic leadership given on his continued tours of factories and rural communities for effecting a Chollima upsurge brought forth the story of the socialist Korea leaping forward like the legendary horse of Chollima to the tune of Song of Chollima Pioneers. 


Gallop Farther, Chollima of Songun Korea


In December 2008 Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Chollima Steel Complex, which is the birthplace of Chollima. Seeing a UHP electric arc furnace with red molten steel in, he felt immensely satisfied. Setting a grand target and direction for the complex should make great flames of a new revolutionary upsurge the following year. Reenergizing the steel industry rapidly alone would make it possible to activate all other sectors of the national economy and reach the height of a thriving nation in 2012 when they would celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, he said, and expressed his belief that the complex would bring about another revolutionary upswing in the spirit and mettle they had displayed during the great Chollima upsurge. He noted that only when Kangson, the birthplace of Chollima, pulsated with vigor, would the whole country become vigorous, and that only when the workers of Kangson made a dash, would the entire nation get invigorated enough to hasten the general forward march at all units and in all fields of the national economy for the building of a powerful country. He reiterated his expectation that the workers of Kangson would stoke up furious flames of another revolutionary upsurge like they sparked the torch of great Chollima upsurge in hearty response to the decision of the December 1956 Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee in the postwar years.

The torch of a new revolutionary upsurge sparked by Kangson spread quickly all across the country.

The strong will of the entire nation to build a powerful socialist country without fail by riding the Chollima of Songun Korea that was provided by Chairman Kim Jong Il gave rise to the famous song Gallop Farther, Chollima of Songun Korea. 


We Are Mallima riders


The Song We Are Mallima Riders is ringing throughout the country as the march of struggle. 

The Mallima speed movement initiated by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un became much more animated during the 70- and 200-day campaigns last year. The campaigns were formidable battle to shatter smithereens the enemys vicious moves of isolation and strangulation and make a radical turn on all fronts of the struggle for the building of a thriving socialist country. The resolute all-people drives gave birth to a new era of Mallima.

In June last year Kim Jong Un inspected the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill. Saying he was there to see the workers making miraculous innovations day after day in the 200-day campaign of loyalty, he looked round a number of places in the factory.

Having understood details of the production and management, he praised that the factorys way of work was really admirable probably because it had been under the boundless care and trust of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il. It was the best of all the factories he had inspected in those days, he appreciated.

He expressed his belief that the managers and workers of the mill would rush ahead forcefully by riding Mallima-provided by the Party-just as the older generation workers raced against timed by riding Chollima given by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, and thus honor their factory as model of the whole country in the era of Mallima as they did in the era of Chollima.

His trust touched all the hearts in the country, to say nothing of those of the mill. Living on the trust, the Korean people are developing the heyday of the revolution into a golden age.