For Improvement of the Peoples Health  




One day in September 2016 Supreme leader Kim Jong Un inspected the newly built Medical Oxygen Factory. It was the Supreme Leader who initiated the construction of the factory. He fixed its site in the suburbs Pyongyang and visited the construction site to take measures to solve problems arising in the project. 

That day he looked round the oxygen separating station, gaseous oxygen filling station and other places of the factory to acquaint himself with its construction and operation plan in detail.

While inspecting the oxygen supply station the Supreme Leader recalled his instruction that an oxygen supply station should be built so as not to inconvenience hospitals in receiving medical oxygen, and said that it was now built wonderfully on the principle of ensuring aesthetic value, convenience and practicality. Oxygen cylinders standing in rows, at the station were spectacular, he said and added with a bright smile that it was very good to have names of hospitals inscribed on the cylinders to be supplied to them.

Referring to the factory as a small yet important factory conducive to protection of the peoples lives and promotion of their health, Kim Jong Un set forth to the factory such tasks as to normalize production by improving the technical knowledge and skills of the employees and developing their sense of responsibility, to do the management of equipment and technology scrupulously and take good care of facilities and to supply quality live oxygen suited to the hygienic standard. And he said that similar modern oxygen production bases should be built in other places across the country on the basis of the successful construction of the factory.

Later that day the Supreme Leader said that the modern factory had been built wonderfully to provide hospitals with high-quality live oxygen for peoples health, adding he was satisfied that he had done another worthwhile job for the welfare of the people. He said that it was just his happiness.



What He Exactly Wanted to Do


One day in October 2016 Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the newly built Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital. Enjoying a panoramic view of the hospital, he said with a broad smile on his face that it had already been built wonderfully though he chose its site in January that year. The external form clearly showed it was an ophthalmic hospital as the facade of its outpatient ward depicted mans eye and an eye-chart was displayed on its inpatient wards outer wall, he added.

Noting that the Munsu area had turned into a more perfect hospital village as it was intensively arranged with such hospitals as the Breast Tumor Institute of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, the Ryugyong Dental Hospital and the Okryu childrens Hospital as well as the modern Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital, the Supreme Leader said he was very pleased to picture the people enjoying the benefits of the socialist healthcare system to the full without any inconvenience. Then he went round outpatient and inpatient wards to inquire about details of the construction and technical specifications of the facilities. Saying that the hospital was a perfect peoples hospital of the world level of which the country could boast to the world, the Supreme Leader noted with pleasure that he had done just what he exactly wanted to do, and that one of his wishes for the people had come true.

He continued to say that the construction of the ophthalmic hospital meant the construction of different medical service bases one after another annually in recent several years, and that the Workers Party of Korea continued to channel great efforts into building up the material and technical foundations for healthcare not because the country was well off but because it was an important undertaking to give full play to the advantages of the countrys socialist health system whereby the Party and the government took thorough responsible care of the peoples lives and health, and to defend socialism.