We strongly denounce lunatic bosss reckless remark

total destruction with nationwide indignation


The Korean Peninsula is inflamed with surging indignation against U.S. President Trump who openly declared "total destruction" of the DPRK.

Many mass media and people of various circles have made comment on Trumps speech at the UN General Assembly as a premeditated speech not an impromptu one, ill-boding word foreseeing a general war beyond preemptive strike on the DPRK much touted by the U.S., describing the outbreak of a war is a matter of time.  

The south Korean people said in unison that they should dispatch Trump, a rotten apple and war maniac, while criticizing his absurd remarks.  

The successive U.S. Presidents have made it its business to pursue the policy of extreme hostility toward the DPRK, however, there is no president as like Trump who spouted a string of unimaginable rubbish such as occupation of the DPRK and annihilation of the Korean nation at the UN arena. 

The AINDF, branding Trump's invective aimed to defame the strategic position of the DPRK, a sovereign state, at the UN forum discussing the issue of world peace and security as thrice-cursed remarks and declaration of war to totally destroy the whole Korean Peninsula and exterminate the Korean nation, vehemently denounces him in the name of the Korean nation.

Crazy behavior of Trump, styling himself a ruler of super power, is the height of shamefulness casting infamous Hitler and Mussolini into shade.

He is a "politico-pagan" who endowed the Democrats and the Republicans a large sum of election funds and went over to another party in quest of power and "political layman" who never took officialdom.

When he was thirteen, he had been almost removed from the school for his mischievousness and earned an ill fame as a man with low IQ and bully when he came of age as he made unpredictable words and annoyed people with his fist.    

It is special event that Trump, called as a screwball, Don Quixote, a boss of gangsters and a political under-wit, took the presidency of the U.S. in which aggression, murder and all kinds of crimes are rife.  

It stands to reason that the U.S. administration is reduced into a group of gangsters and neo-Hitler as Trump has been notorious for a boss of gangsters and neo-Hitler.

What merits the danger of the problem is that his reckless call for "total destruction" and the like are not impromptu utterance of the old psychopath but a full revelation of the U.S. government's "north Korea policy" and "Korean Peninsula policy".

There is no place in the world as like south Korea in which a huge armed forces and nuclear war hardware are deployed.

THAAD have been deployed in south Korea despite strong protest of the public and neighboring nations and nuclear strategic bombers from Guam are staging live-fire dropping drill in the sky of south Korea.    

The striking group of a nuclear carrier and nuclear-powered submarines are concentrated in the waters off the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity and war games with involvement of huge armed forces are being waged across south Korea.

The DPRK will not remain onlooker to critical situation.

His thoughtless diatribe against north Korea added fuel to the Korean Peninsula, the worlds largest nuclear war tinderbox.  

It is the ulterior intention of Trump to occupy north Korea, the citadel of independence against the U.S., and hold its position of world supremacy by eliminating the Korean Peninsula from the surface of the earth and annihilating the Korean nation.

Trump's remarks of "total destruction" are not only the U.S. hostile policy toward the north and its scheme to massacre the citizens in the north but also a plan to annihilate the Korean nation and reduce whole Korea to ashes.

To wipe the Korean nation and land off the map would be OK for the interests of the U.S. This is the sinister intention of rogue Trump and the U.S. policy.

The south Korean chief executive gave his hearty support to Trumps unreasonable speech at the UN General Assembly as announcement of his firm and concrete stand, gravity of north Koreas nuclear issue and north Koreas denuclearization through maximum sanctions and pressure. 

It is shameful to see the south Korean chief executive and politicians are flippant as if they got a guideline from the U.S. at a time when Trump is alienating from his allies and the US for his nonsensical remarks. 

The Trump group of gangsters to remove the Korean Peninsula and the Korean nation from the earth and pro-U.S. submissive behavior of the present south Korean authorities make us anticipate horrible disasters of a nuclear war which would break out before long.

The danger of nuclear war is inviting total devastation of the Korean Peninsula and browbeating the destiny of the Korean nation every moment.

The south Koreans, trampled down by the U.S., are to be in the worst crisis of war and obliteration.

The south Korean people will never remain a passive onlooker to holocaust of nuclear war due to Trumps foolish invective and contemptible behavior of the pro-U.S. sycophants. 

The south Korean people from all social standings should strongly censure Trumps invectives and turn out in the action to frustrate the U.S. vicious war move against north Korea.

The south Koreans should clearly see the wicked intention of the U.S. strategy to destroy the Korean Peninsula revealed through Trump's reckless remarks and vigorously launch an all-people struggle to reject the U.S., remove the U.S. military bases and drive the U.S. forces out of south Korea.

Turn out as one in the action against the U.S. war move aiming at annihilation of the Korean nation!

Intensify a vigorous drive for peace against the U.S. and war across south Korea!

Dismantle south Korea-U.S. alliance, the yoke of slavery and noose of humiliation, to retake the national dignity!

Throw sycophantic traitors, who put the south Korean people as hostage of nuclear war in collusion with outside forces into the cesspool of history.

Wipe out the aggressors and quislings and accelerate the final victory in the all-out do-or-die battle against the U.S.!


AINDF Central Committee

September 28, 2017